Membership Information Page

  1. Electrical Contractor is defined to be any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of "electrical contracting". In this instrument "electrical contracting" shall mean the business of erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining electric wiring, devices, appliances or equipment, including purchasing from suppliers and selling or furnishing manufactured parts and products. Members of this Association shall be Electrical Contractors defined in the bylaws of CECA, of good reputation, who have their home office in the area served by this Association and who shall have applied for and been accepted in due form to membership subject to the provisions of the bylaws herein set forth.
  2. Or may be members of CECA whose home office is outside of the area of the Association but who performs electrical contracting within the area served by the Association and who are accepted as full members by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Associate member shall be defined as any person or firm whose business is directly related to electrical construction or whose business is regularly with electrical contractors.

Industry Professional shall be defined as any person or firm who is actively engaged in doing work for the electrical industry.  For example, Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Engineer, Architect or the like.

If you join in the last quarter of the year, your membership will start immediately and your
member fee will cover the entire next year.

To submit an application, please print, complete and and mail or fax
by choosing the option below.

Membership Category CECA Dues
Industry Professional $500.00
Associate/Supplier $600.00
$0 - 1 million $250.00
$1 - 3 million $450.00
$3 - 6 million $950.00
$6 - 10 million $1200.00
$10 million + $1450.00