2010 Summer Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association
Convention & Trade Show
June 24-27, 2010
at the Marriot Resort in Hilton Head SC

A warm thanks to all who made this CECA Convention a great success!

Enjoy the many great photos from this years event!

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CECA Past President, Rob Blackmon with new CECA Member Perry Safran of Safran Law Offices

Joe Jones (left) and Dana Gugliotti (right) with APC with Matt Lotz and the hybrid Harley Davidson on display through APC by Schneider

Marla and Al Stewart of Womack Electric Supply

David and Susan Cannon of Ideal Industries

CECA Board Member, Larry Beaver of Tarheel Electric (center) Dan Brown of Square D and Dan's wife Betsy

The Bryant-Durham group - Tony Elliott, David Suggs, Steve Fanney, Richard Jones, Steve Brown, Steve Dean and Don McNeill

Bill and Cindy Cobb, Bill is a CECA Lifetime Member with Andy and Robin Ebert and their pretty daughter Kristin

Donnie 'Fish' Meadows of PowerWorks with Ray Kimball of Gexpro
Fish was our DJ on Saturday night as well.

Jack and Carrie Hargett of Long Wiring with Mike and Anne Presley of Hayes & Lunsford and their two lovely daughters, Meg and Sarah Cates

Jennifer and Tom Jackson of McCarter Electric

Sheri and Milton Via, Jr. of Via Electric

Craig and little Craig Dedrick playing roulette (and winning!)

Milton and Sylvia Via of Via Electric

Derek and Kristian Wilkerson of VFC Lightning Protection

Al and Carlette Parris and Robbie and Kim Brooks, Al and Robbie are with the NC Electrical Licensing Board.

Robbie Brooks with new CECA Members Larry Watkins and Kristin Alexander of Alcan

Chris Melton of Simplex Grinnell and Jeff Whitten of Starr Electric, Page Whitten and Johnnie Williamson and Jim Debevec of SimplexGrinnell

CECA Lifetime Member, Gene Presley winning at craps

Sarah Cates Presley with her winnings!!!

Sharon and Don Harrison of Starr Electric with Rob and Becky Blackmon of Tech Electric and Brenda Brokke (wonder where Keith Brokke wandered off to)

Steve Moore, Chris Melton, Ron Carey, Jim Debevec, Wade Perry, Jim Haygood, Jeff Jackman and Johnnie Williamson of SimplexGrinnell - Platinum Sponsor of the Convention

Glenn Gorham of Farmer Electrical Sales won a gift card to Flemings Steak House at Casino Night

Hoyt presents Jack DeCou of Via Electric with the prize of a bottle of Crown Royal Reserve at Casino Night

Lindsey Evans (Via's granddaughter) won a Paula Deen gift basket at Casino Night

CECA President, Donnie Belk; CECA Immediate Past President, Rob Blackmon and Convention Chairman and Lifetime Member Hoyt Stephens

The Associates Meeting was very well attended

Stephensville on the Beach!!!

Craig and Sherry Myers of Watson with their daughter, Savannah and her friends Grayson and China

Tim & Vickie Bradley and John & Vanessa Kelly. Tim and John are with the NC Electrical Board

Sarah and Bob Belk of Thomas & Betts

New CECA Member, John and Ivy Runyan of Ensco

Derek and Kristian Wilkerson of VFC Lightning Protection

Bill Rotchford of Gaylor with wife, Laurie

Anne and Steve Merkel of Enterprise Fleet Management

Tracy and Bill Quillian of Gexpro

Hoyt dancing with his lovely daughter, Julie

Donnie and Sheryl Belk dancing to the music

Jeff and Pam Whitten

Jeff and Kelly Hinson

Tom Jackson of McCarter and Jody Brannock of Southwire representing the 4th Place Team. Not pictured are Greg Mullis and David Littlejohn

Dan Thomas of Starr Electric and Bob Belk of T&B representing the 3rd Place Team. Not pictured are Don Masters and Steve Abene.

Morrow Insurance Golf Prizes. Brian Reep with Morrow presents Longest Drive to Rob Blackmon of Tech Electric.

183 Mike Burke of Gexpro representing the 2nd Place Team. Not pictured are John Starr, Craig Dedrick and Gene Presley.

The Winning Golf Team: Al Stewat, Womack Supply; Dave Shaffer, Morrow Insurance; Hoyt Stephens, Watson Electrical; Missing is Keith Brokke of CED. With them is Kendall Parker, CECA Executive Director and Brian Reep of Morrow Insurance