2007 Annual Carolinas Electrical Contractors Association
Convention & Trade Show

June 7-9, 2007

A warm thanks to all who made this CECA Convention a great success!

Enjoy the many great photos from this years event!

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Susie and Michael Chapman of Port City Electric

Sharon and Don Harrison with Delilah Hinson

Keith Brokke and Lacy Starr

Lacy Starr and Tom Saieed, Tom is a contractor who was with Cathy Boyette

Lacy and John Starr of Starr Electric

Jeff Whitten, Jack Hargett, David Myers and Greg Mullis – This group could not be up to anything good!

Sheri Via kidding around with Gary McDaniel of Life Safety Equipment

Ken McBrayer of Fox-Rowden-McBrayer (FRM) with Jamie Grosso & Donna Brown and Rodney & Sandy Sharpe. Jamie and Rodney are with Hunt Electric Supply

Part of the Mayer Electric Supply Gang - Greg & Mary Martin, Mark & Dorothy Sellers, David Witbeck and Dawn & Eddie Jones

Some attendees watching the History of CECA in Pictures.

CECA Executive Director Kendall Parker and her husband Billy

CECA Convention Assistant, Virginia Hornady with Tisa and Matt Graves (with Federated Insurance)

Jerry Adkins of Cooper Lighting and Mack Russell of Mayer Electric Supply

4th Place Team – Jack Crew of Gexpro, Ron Hinson of Hinson Electric and Dennis Norris of Starr Electric. The prize is presented by Brian Reep of Morrow Insurance (missing is Doug Carlson of ABC of the Carolinas)

3rd Place Team – Ed Jones (husband of Ginny Jones of McCarter Electric), Ben Burr of Graybar and Greg Mullis of Hinson Electric. Missing is Jay Casabonne of Bagby Lighting

2nd Place Golf Team Bob Elliott with Eaton Electrical and Kirby Saunders of Starr Electric, missing are David Blackwood of Hagemeyer and Kent Young of Thomas & Betts

Winning Team - Ray Kimball of Gexpro, Derek Duin of GE Consumer & Industrial, Rick Johnson of Watson Electrical and Jeff Hinson of Hinson Electric – Has anyone noticed how Ron Hinson has managed to not only run a successful electrical contracting company, but he has also been able to make sure that his employees are great golfers. Wonder if ‘Golf Handicap?’ is a question on the employment application Hinson Electric???? Someone (usually more than one) from Hinson is always on the winning teams!

Hoyt Stephens and Brian Reep relaxing after announcing all of the golf awards

Donnie and Sheryl Belk of E.F. Belk & Son with Gary and Betty Pinkston of Desco. Gary is new to CECA, someone should tell him to be careful of who he hangs out with…

Program from 2007 CECA Summer Convention – We had a great time and if you weren’t there this year, we hope that you can join us at the Hilton in Hilton Head for our 2008 Summer Convention.

Dennis and Judy Norris at the CECA Summer Convention Reception. Dennis is with Starr Electric

Brenda Spizzo, Betsy and Robert Pendergraph, Mary Kay and Steve Pendergraph, Sally and Buddy McCarter. The young ladies are the Pendergraph’s granddaughter, Melissa in the aqua and black and her friend who was vacationing with her.

Steve Brown and Brenda Spizzo- Do you think that Robert, Brenda’s husband, knows that she is hanging out with Steve????

Dawn & Eddie Jones with Dennis & Judy Norris. Eddie is with Mayer and Dennis is with Starr Electric

Matt Vaadi with TradeSource talks with Larry Beaver of Tarheel Electric

Robert Pendergraph chats with Hoyt Stephens – looks like Bob was in need of another drink.

Rob Uppena, Rob Blackmon and Jack Crew. Rob and Jack are with Gexpro and Rob is with Tech Electric

Brenda Spizzo with Bill and Peggy Powell. Bill is with Barnes & Powell Electrical.

Brenda Spizzo and Sally McCarter – Many friendships have been made through the years at the CECA Conventions

Pat & Jim Pierce, Mike & Anne Presley and George & Jennifer Lambert – Jim and George are with Williams Overman Pierce and Mike is with Hayes & Lunsford Electrical Contractors

Jeff Whitten of Starr Electric and Phillip Poston of HDSupply – Now there is some trouble waiting to happen….

Ben and Kim Burr with John Maynard, Regional Sales Manager for Erico/Caddy

Kim and Jeff Malcom, Jeff is with Howard Brothers chat with Glenn and Frances McCarter, Glenn is with Graybar. Glenn and Frances had just gotten married shortly before the convention.

Turgay Alton and Wayne Gary of Nixon Power

Keith and Brenda Brokke spending a little time with Craig and Sherry Myers. Keith is with CED and Craig is with Watson Electrical

The Bryant-Durham Gang

Watching the CECA History Powerpoint show.

Matt Vaadi and Tim Caslmon from TradeSource

President Robert Pendergraph and Brian Reep of Morrow Insurance. Brian is also CECA’s resident golf expert